Rules for Gunfighting

Apparently, someone collected a bunch of Demotivator posters for the Rulewhig Gunfighting which are really more like guidelines anyway. My favorites are these two.

Update I pulled the direct link to the sight because the original material had a couple of rascist jokes. The two posters I thought were funny are still here.


  1. Not funny, bub. I suppose you missed the one about
    “Put the n****** up front”?

    You suppose correctly, asshat. Oh hey, I removed the offensive word from the comment you posted. Funny how every one else that pointed it out managed to not type the offensive word. -Management

  2. Yeah, I was going to mention #25 too. That ain’t cool. I’d drop this post before it gets out of hand.

  3. I pulled the offending link and moved the images to my host. Honestly, I didn’t click through every image on the oringal site, so I missed the one in question. My apologies to anyone who was offended.

  4. Well, it seems the first amendment is in as much jeopardy as the second, now. While whites can be called “honky” or “cracker” on national television and blacks can use the term “nigga” anywhere at any time between themselves. Other races cannot. Does that not fall under “suppression of free speech?” Blacks now have rights that other races do not. Although I have not seen the posters because the management of this site’s First Amendment rights have been censored, I can imagine it is the same everywhere else in America. “I can say it but you can’t.” This is so ridiculous. Ever listen to “Rap” lyrics? How they advocate violence against “whitey?” Do you think there would be no reaction if whites were to publish similar trash? Can’t really call them “African-Americans” because most have not come from Africa for generations, but from America. Should they not be called Americans? No. They want to be separate and above other races. Even “chinks.”
    I agree with Diglears, but I would not apologize for what another site published. You cannot control that. Call a spade a spade, you have that right. For the moment.

  5. Yo Lefty – the 1st Amendment applies to the government. That means that as a private entity and the literal owner of this blog, I can pretty much censor whatever I want. If I don’t want a link showing up on my blog, then it’s not censorship, it’s a business decision.

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