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Since it’s Friday, I want to present you with a handy guide to “things you’ll hear people say” at action pistol matches, with the explanation of what they really mean.  For example, if someone says “I was a little slow on the draw today” what they mean is “I almost dropped my dang gun.”  So here we go!

What they say: “The courses of fire were challenging and complex.”

What they mean: “I’d like to get my hands on the SOB that thought a stage with 12 drop turners activated by small poppers at 20 yards was ‘fun’.”

What they say: “I enjoyed the match, the courses were straightforward and fun.”

What they mean: “That was easy, jeez try to thing up some more complicated COFs.”

What they say: “I had an okay match.”

What they mean: “I sucked.”

What they say: “I had a fun match.”

What they mean: “I sucked.”

What they say: “I had a great match, and I’m proud of everyone who came out here and shot.”

What they mean: “I’ve seen a million asses, and I’ve kicked them all.”

What they say: “I’m fine with strict interpretation of the rulebook.”

What they mean: “Someone get that martinet RO off my case.”

What they say: “I understand why I got that penalty.”

What they mean: “That penalty was bullcrap.”

And finally, this last one applies to me in specific, so if I ever say this to you, you’ll know what I really mean.

What I said: “I’m just here to shoot bullets and have a good time.”

What I meant: “I’m just here to shoot bullets, have a good time, but most importantly I want to win.


  1. What they say: “It’s a good gun, I think it just FTE’d a couple times because it’s still breaking in.”

    What they mean: “I’m selling this fucking thing to the first sucker I can find and buying 3 Glocks.”

  2. Only guy doing malf drills in real time at Awerbuck? Shooting a G17.

    Only novice injun puts too much faith in any bow. 😉

  3. Dances with Polymer not say Austrian bow perfect. Not believe in magic bows. But some bows big heap less magic.

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