S&W M&P-15 .22 LR rifles are now shipping

S&W has announced that the M&P15-22 rifles have started shipping.  Expect to start seeing the little carbines showing up in your local gun stores soon.  I can’t wait, I actually held off buying one of the Colt carbines because I’ve been waiting for the S&W gun to hit the market.

  • 16 inch barrel 1 in 15 twist rate
  • Will accept 1913 Mil Standard rail accessories
  • Looks cool

If you’re an AR shooter, there is no reason you shouldn’t get one of these.  Short of building your own .22 LR training rifle from parts, which would cost roughly 1/3 more than just buying the M&P15-22, this is the best .22 LR platform for AR shooters.  Here’s why:

From SHOT SHOW 2009

The safety, unlike the ridiculous 180 degree safety on the little Colt/Umarex M4 .22, is exactly the same as the safety on whatever AR you have sitting around the house that you use for home defense. I am so excited about this gun.


  1. I’ll be getting mine from Cabelas Saturday. $430 and I get a $100 gift card back to boot.

  2. Sounds like a good buy @ Cabelas.
    How do you get the $100 gift card? Let me know as I am interested.

  3. Update: I bought one at Cabela’s today. Other than the long wait in line, no problem. I asked about extra mags and they had none. So I went to the S&W website and ordered them on line. $20.04 each, plus shipping and sales tax. Good deal.

  4. got mine from cabelas in hamburg, put 5 mags through it, never jammed great lil gun,, i got the $150 gift card,, had to be some ammo and the wife wanted a new toy so i got her a xd-40 sub-compact, excellent gun,,,,,, money well spent

  5. I bought mine two weeks ago for $429.00. I have shot about 1,000 rounds through it without on problem. This gun is weel made in USA and is a lot of fune for the price. Walmart is selling Federal 22 ammon for $15.00 ofr 500 rounds.

  6. i went to the range again today, had a slight prob,,, every 4th or 5th round would miss fire,,, the striker would hit but no boom,,,, i think it was the ammo i used,, winchester wildcat 22.lr,,,, must have been a bad box,, after 1 mag i looked at the ammo for a safety check and i could literally take the lead bullet off the casing, i didnt wrench on it just barelly twisted/pulled and it came apart,, any suggestions on ammo that has worked or another mag.. thanks

  7. As for the $100 gift card, they send them in the mail. Just spend $400 and get $100 back on a cash card. Spend $500 and get $150 back. Had to spend $70 more to get $50 back. Seemed like a no brainer to me. That bought a hard case, and some ammo. As for the rifle, It was sold out before the doors opened, as they came outside and passed out take-a-tabs for the guns to people in line. The rifle is SWEET, all polymer, upper and lower as well as the handguard. Got a reflex sight out of the safe and a flash light. All fit the rails perfectly. It handles VERY well, very light weight and I don’t have to worry about scratching it and exposing aluminum. Put 525 rounds of Federal 36 gr. trophy through it without a single hiccup. Accuracy was very good with 2″ groups @ 25 feet rapid fire 3 shots. I attribute this to the light weight and the fast sighting of the reflex. Just a note, but I have heard rumors that smith is using E.R. Shaw barrels on these rifles, (yet to be confirmed). As mentioned previously, the S&W web sight has no info on this gun , but has magazines for sale of which I have ordered 2. Not sure that I would put it up against my 1022 heavy barrel as far as accuracy, but I haven’t put any serious glass on it yet either. AA++

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