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Do you shoot IDPA?  Do you shoot USPSA?  Do you shoot one of the aforementioned games but not the other?  If you do that, and you’re looking to get in to the other game (so you can get more trigger time, duh) but you’re not sure where your existing gear would place here, here’s a handy “divisional translator”.  One quick caveat: in IDPA, all your holsters must be “Production/Single Stack” style, meaning that they have to be suitable for concealed carry and use. The USPSA division will be on the left, and the IDPA division on the right.

Production Division – Stock Service Pistol: these divisions are more or less analogs of one another, with the major difference being that your or my Springfield XD is Production legal in USPSA, but in IDPA shoots in a different division.

Limited/10 Division – Enhanced Service Pistol: A lot of “hardcore” limited guns straight up wouldn’t be legal for IDPA, however if they are, this is where you’ll find them. Designed for single action guns in 9mm and .40 S&W, ESP is the division where the non-.45 ACP 1911s go to play. Oddly enough, by some vagary of the rules, it’s also where you XD shooters will land in IDPA. Don’t ask me.

Single Stack Division – Custom Defensive Pistol: If you shoot Single Stack in “Major” power factor, you probably use a 1911 in .45 ACP (unless you’re one of those .40 guys, in which case go to ESP). If you do this, you’re going to find your IDPA home in CDP, the division built especially for the guys who think the 1911 in .45 ACP is the ultimate in pistol design. Note: all .45 ACP pistols compete in this division, so if you’re running a Glock 21 or an M&P-45 in Limited-10, you’d shoot here.

Revolver – Enhanced Service Revolver: most USPSA shooters I know that shoot wheelguns use revolvers that feed with moonclips, meaning they’d be smack dab in Enhanced Service Revolver division, which is for moonclip revolvers that make Major powerfactor. If you’re running a gun from speedloaders, you’d shoot in Stock Service Revolver and only have to make minor.

Now grab your guns and let’s go shoot some bullets!


  1. Yeah, while the XD is “mechanically” a single action, it’s not a single action in the same sense as a 1911 or Browning Hi-Power, so putting it in that division doesn’t make a whole whack of sense.

    Oh IDPA.

  2. Yeah, that whole “lack of a hammer” thing…


    BTW, I’m going to try to convince some of the McHenry IDPA guys to head to Indy State Champ. match – I’d go, but I’m not an IDPA member (though I just started shooting it) yet, haven’t been classified, and just shelled out $$$ on a Dillon 550.

    I need more ammo…

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