That had to hurt

White House affirms 2nd Amendment rights of protesters. A well played decision on the administration’s part (credit where it’s due), and also it has got to suck to be Paul Helmke today. We talked about it a little last night, but when the gun control movement’s “big play” is to complain about people open carrying legally, you know they’re losing. That’s only reinforced by a presser from the White House that basically says “chill out, they’re not breaking the law”.

Josh Sugarmann is taking a long look at that bottle of cheap rum right about now.


  1. Wow.

    You gotta hand it to the WH, they actually handled this like adults.

    If only their supporters would follow suit.

  2. “Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the Secret Service, said …

    … “We’re well aware of the subjects that are showing up at these events with firearms”

    Subjects? Last I checked we are still citizens.

  3. The use of the word “subjects” is standard law enforcement talk. People are reading more into this then actually exists. (Similar comments are popping up on a number of firearms related blogs and boards)

  4. We’re making progress. Just last year at the Democrat Convention, a man was arrested for checking into a hotel with two rifles.

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