Remington 597 buyback

Remington recalls 597 model rifle in .17 HMR. Apparently, there were repeated issues of the extremely high pressure .17 HMR round reducing the rifle’s action to so much scrap metal. Actually, a friend of mine had a mini-kaboom in his .22LR 597, which did a surprising amount of damage to the gun.

If you have a Remington 597 in .17 Hornady Magnum, stop shooting it and send it back.


  1. From reading about the issue on the forums, it seems difficult to make a safe and reliable semi-auto .17 HMR gun.

    However, what sucks is that Remington is not offering full price or what an owner paid for the gun, when they are recalling their defective product which has, in fact, failed catastrophically in user’s hands.

    In fact I would imagine that it would open them to future liability when some owner doesn’t return his gun because Remington only offered him chump change, and then that gun blows up in the future.

  2. My wife’s uncle had one he raved about….for about 6 months. The first failure damaged the bolt and ejector. Back to the gunsmith. The second failure destroyed the bolt permanently. He dealt with Remington directly who promptly shipped a brand new bolt rifle. This design apparently is so bad the lawyers have convinced Remington to get every one of these rifles off the street asap.

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