Gun Nuts Radio: Open Carry and Tea Parties

In football, there’s a phrase that’s used – “moving the chains”, which is when a team gets a first down and retains possession of the ball for another series of downs.  Moving the chains is a good thing, because it gets you closer to scoring.  I feel like last night’s Gun Nuts Radio, despite the shenanigans, moved the chains on the open carry debate.  At the very least, my opinion is starting to change on the subject, because I used to be 100% opposed to open carry on the grounds that it did more harm than good.  But what I’m seeing from these open carry encounters outside political rallies are people obeying the law, and conversations are happening as a result.  We discussed the pros and cons of open carrying at Tea Parties – and you can listen to the show by clicking here.  If you’d like an .mp3 copy, click here.

We also read off the winners of Steel Challenge, including Julie Golob, Jessie Abbate, TGO, etc, and congratulations to the winners for an excellent match!

As these things do, the discussion swerved into a conversation about how the media treats firearms as subject matter.  One of the most interesting trends that I have seen in the media treatment of guns is that you’re getting more shows like Future Weapons and Lock ‘N Load with R. Lee Ermey.  These shows are all about guns, and they demonstrate one key fact: guns are f***ing cool.

Check out last night’s Gun Nuts Radio – the debate on open carry at Tea Parties was excellent, as was the conversation about media treatment of firearms.  Next week we’ll be joined by Steel Master BJ Norris for the show, so don’t miss out!


  1. I’m listening to last night show and I’m kicking myself for not listening and calling in last night. I for one would be pleased as punch if you had Pink Pistols on.

    As a gun nut who happens to also be gay (oh dear, how many frickin’ labels do I need) I’m often apprehensive about gun folks knowing I’m gay. But more often than not, the gun folks I meet do not even blink when they find out my orientation.

    Anyway, have someone from Pink Pistols on. I think that would be fantastic!!

  2. Caleb,

    I believe that the risk of being ostracized for asserting your 2nd amendment right is worth the reward. If we don’t exercise that right, it becomes like that beautiful exotic classic car that you won’t drive due to its uniqueness. Pretty soon, the bearings seize up, the gas goes bad and the tires rot. Now you have to spend a whole lot of time putting it back to a condition that makes it driveable.

  3. I want to take a minor issue with a comment you made about more states having carry laws show that guns are more accepted.While true it doesn’t take into account the fact that the reason there were not carry laws in the past I am talking about (pre 60’s) is that people owning and carrying guns at least out side of areas such as NY,Chicago and LA where their were laws banning it owning and carry a gun was not a remarkable event.So while it is true that firearms are more accepted today than in the last 20 or 30 yrs they are a long way away from what they were.

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