Benelli MR1 Carbine

Benelli, makers of the M4 Super 90 shotgun used by the USMC, have announced a rifle based off the same action, called the MR1 Carbine.  From looking at the pictures at The Tactical Wire, it looks like a scaled down R1, chambered in 5.56 NATO.  High points of the new MR1 Carbine from Benelli:

  • Takes STANAG mags
  • Hard chromed 16 inch barrel
  • Benelli’s ARGO action
  • Benelli’s proprietary finish

The MSRP is $1299 – which I’m not going to say is expensive, but for the same money you could buy AND configure an AR15 pattern rifle to your liking.  I think the rifle is a cool idea, but at that price for a gun that you can’t readily get spare parts for, it’s not really practical to my estimation.


  1. It would be cool to have a Benelli 5.56 carbine with the same sort of recoil-operated action that they use in their Super Black Eagle shotguns, but apparently their ARGO system is different.

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