Steel Challenge Final Results

The Fastest Match on Earth has wrapped up, and here are the final results from the 2009 World Steel Challenge:

  • Steel Master: BJ Norris
  • Open Champ: Max Michel
  • Limited Champion: JJ Racaza (also LE Champ)
  • Ladies Steel Master: Jessie Abbate
  • Ladies Open: Jessie Abbate
  • Ladies Limited: Jessie Abbate (I sense a pattern)
  • Production Champion: Rob Leatham
  • Ladies Production Champ: Julie Golob
  • Open Revolver: Jerry Miculek
  • Iron Sight Revolver: Elliot Aysen

Rimfire results here.

In addition to the divisions listed above, Steel Challenge (for now, anyway) has divisions for IDPA SSP, IDPA ESP, and IDPA CDP – so yes Virginia, you can shoot your IDPA CDP gun at the Steel Challenge and still walk away with a nifty shifty little trophy.

Now all I need to do is hit that 300 million powerball jackpot…

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