Man does not break the law

Media has a fit of the vapors.  This is my favorite line:

Arizona law has nothing in the books regulating assault rifles, and only requires permits for carrying concealed weapons. So despite the man’s proximity to the president, there were no charges or arrests to be made.

Dude was just chilling out with a semi-automatic M4 clone, which in Arizona is perfectly legal.  I kind of feel bad for Carol Gratty @ CNN – of course no arrests were made, because no laws were broken.  Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it illegal.

You know, I was initially kind of “meh” on the whole open carry at Tea Party protests, but the next Indiana one that doesn’t conflict with existing commitments, I’m going to open carry a 1911 to the thing.


  1. Did anyone pan upwards and note that the subject appears to be an armed Gentleman of Colour? It’s been an idea of mine to organize a rally/march/demonstration of gay black gunowners and watch the legacy media (RIP) knot itself up like the lampreys they so resemble.

  2. Love the open carry. Wish to hell I could. I carry weapons under lock separate from loaded mags in my vehicle by law – I hope I’m fast enough when I have to be.
    The thing is: Show me the open carries in AZ outside any Bush event the last 8 years, any McCain event. Hell, throw in any Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan event, going back to 1980.
    Is it just a Heller thing, AZ always legally could but now they feel like they can?
    Carrying like that outside a Reagan event, post assassination attempt? He’s on the ground under a pile of Secret Service, not casually talking to reporters, AZ laws be damned.
    I really hope it’s not all about the differently named black man in office. And you damn well know that the differently named part is prominent in blogs similar to this one (You know, the almost always all caps HUSSEIN, or the black-faced minstrel “Obammy”, or…).
    The black part goes unspoken (barely).
    If/when you reply, try to lead with an active link to a reported/youtube instance of open carry – by an opposing individual – at any Bush/McCain/etc presidential/campaign event. Try. Then by all means whack me.

  3. Scott,

    Where was your clucking outrage when “demonstrators” on the left trashed the city of Seattle during the WTO meetings?

    It’s a good thing hippies don’t have guns, else they’d have shot Bush, instead of just making movies about shooting him, and we’d have had President Cheney and how would you have liked that, you sanctimonious bedwetting poltroon?

    And tell me, do you really think the black man was carrying that carbine because he hates the President’s race? If so, you’re dumber than you undoubtedly look.

  4. Two thoughts: Scott, you brought Obama’s race and name. No one here did.

    Secondly: “Blogs like this”? I don’t know if you looked around too much, sport; but this is a shooting sports website, not a political website. I don’t talk too much about politics here, and my focus is primarily on the gun stuff. Only occasionally do I wade into the mishmosh that is our political scene.

    Blogs like this, indeed.

  5. I guess Scott didnt watch the video at CNN. The black guy carrying the M4 clone is an ObamaCare supporter.

  6. Scott… Me not being white and all, can you please explain my motivation behind hating Barack Haaaaaands Across the Water Obama’s policies? I thought it was because they were socialist in nature and the antithesis of freedom and that I would have fought against them regardless of the person holding the office, but apparently you know the inner workings of everyone’s minds better than they do.

    So, please explain.

  7. The AR-15 dude said he was from out of state. It couldn’t be Norfolk, Va’s famous Black Man With A Gun, Dan Moore, could it? He is said to wear a baseball cap with his acronym “BMWAG” and he’s been busted by the Norfolk PD a couple of times while open-carrying; he sues and wins.

    I’m also of two minds about it: I love to see the chattering classes get upset, but I don’t think this advances RKBA.

  8. Just watched his interview. His name is Chris and he’s a libertarian.

    My favorite line from the interview is when the reporter says to Chris, “…big brass ones, man!”

    Chris, if you’re reading this: lose the gum.

  9. @Turk – he’s an AZ resident. He mentions that there are other states where open carry is legal but no one does it, not that he came in from another state.

    Starting at 4:18

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