Joe vs. me part II: Electric Boogaloo

In comments on another thread, Joe and I have been casually discussing a rematch of the infamous Blackwater Shoot-off, which ended in ignominious defeat for me, and also forever branded me as a shooter of hostages.  Now, I know that after watching the video of the run, I was less than happy with my run through the house, and Joe also had issues with his Gun Blog .45 on his run.

The real question is what kind of rematch would you guys like to see?  The two of us at the same match, going head to head on USPSA/IDPA/Steel whatever ground, or a specially constructed Shoot-Out for us to hang and bang on?  As far as gear goes, the first time we met on the stage of history, we were using guns that were not our first choice, and although I enjoy shooting my Gun Blog 9mm, I’d much rather take my XDMto a rematch, and I’m sure Joe would rather run his STI Eagle.

So what say you, intrepid readers? I know the first shoot-off was a topic of some speculation on the gun blog world, so how would ya’ll like to see the rematch go down?


  1. The old west, high noon, quickdraw style, at the end of each other’s guns.


  2. Speaking as someone who has the annoying habit of routinely drilling no-shoots, don’t think of them as “Hostages”, rather think of them as “Potential Collaborators” or ‘Guilty Bystanders”. 🙂

  3. At our gun club we say something like, “Don’t worry about shooting the hostage. He was a just a lawyer.”

    And in the case of the hostage you “shot” I’m not sure you really connected with him. You might have given him a little bit of a rash but not much more.

  4. In terms of your question about the type of match. I’ve been thinking it should be a three-gun (pistol, rifle, and shotgun) match. Each of us designing one stage for each of the three guns. The total number of points possible for each of the three stage we design or choose is the same. Something like you get 300 points to distribute among three stages and so do I.

    Of course this requires we have access to a range that accommodates unknown distance targets out to 1500 yards.


  5. I’ll design the stages for all three courses.

    For the pistol course: 1 standard IDPA bay will be needed. Also, one vehicle, two barricades and six fixed target stands w/standard IDPA paper sils (and a soft blanket if yer knees are weak).

    For the rifle course, a minimum of a 200yd rifle range you can advance on (wear your good shoes because you’ll be doing some running), but 300 would be better.

    For the shotgun course, a drag race: First to clear a Texas Star and hit the stop plate wins.

    Any takers?

  6. This actually has to take place at Boomershoot, with hundreds of witnesses!

    Reactive targets, big booms!

    Plenty of people to move the necessary parts and pieces!

    Come on guys, that gives everyone who wants to attend 8 months to figure out how to do it!

  7. Bill, as entertaining as that might be I wouldn’t want to hold up Boomershoot while Caleb and I shot a few stages.

    I think Caleb has a venue that might work. However, details are lacking at this point.

  8. Plus, if the range allows it I might be able to bring my chemistry set to Caleb’s range. I can export my Boomer technology to other states.

  9. hmm…

    how about a couple of balisongs and a short length of rope for an authentic “beat it” knife fight reenactment.

  10. Thomas,

    I’m pretty sure if Caleb and I had our hands tied to one another and a knife in the other hand we would cut the rope, grab our guns and do our best to see who could put the most rounds the quickest in the SOB(s) that tied us together. Since we both have shown the ability to get A-zone hits at a rate exceeding one per second at 30 feet the event would be over fairly quickly.


    Either Friday or Saturday at noon would probably work. Or even early in the morning before the Precision Rifle Clinic starts. However, It would put me somewhat at a disadvantage I don’t sleep well during Boomershoot and I wouldn’t have much, if any, time to practice in the days immediately preceeding the event. But, one usually doesn’t get to choose the time and place of real world encounters so it isn’t really a valid reason for me to wimp out.

    If Caleb wants to show up next April we could find a way to make it happen.

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