Beretta delivers more Px4 Storm SD pistols

Hey, cool.  Beretta has delivered a new run of the Px4 Storm SD pistol in .45 ACP.  Apparently, the first run of these sold out in a hurry, and Beretta has been unable to keep up with demand for the .45 ACP “tactical” version of the Storm.

I’ve always thought the Storm was a cool design – the way the barrel locks up to the frame makes inherently a very accurate handgun, and when they introduced the Px4 Storm “C” model which uses a “constant action” system to produce a trigger pull more in line with modern striker fired pistols (the C is actually a single action only pistol) I toyed with the idea of buying one.

The Px4 Storm SD .45 ACP has a street price of around $850-$900, which puts it up there with the HK USP in terms of cost.  Seeing as these things sold out on their first run, people apparently think that’s a worthwhile price to pay – and who am I to object?  The entire Storm lineup of pistols are solid, well built guns that unfortunately haven’t gained a whole lot of traction in the LE/Military market, but seem to be popular with shooters for concealed carry.

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  1. I’ve been rather intrigued by the PX4. I forgot to track one down at the NRA show and give it a feel.

    I’d really like to check out the DA version of the PX4 sub-compact in 9mm.

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