Gun Nuts Radio – axes are now ground

In fact, you could say that after last night’s show, the edges on our various axes have been honed to a razor. I was a little taken aback by the number of complaints, especially at the end of the show – I ended up running out of time and couldn’t get to a couple of callers at the end.  It was a great show however, and we even managed to get a report from Camp Perry from Breda.  Check out the show, or click this link to download a handy .mp3 of the show.

Next week’s show, we’re hoping to feature some of the top shooters from Steel Challenge, which will have just concluded a few days prior, and crowned a new champion.  Check it out live at 9pm next Tuesday!

In the meantime, make sure that you subscbribe to Gun Nuts on iTunes to get all of our episodes on demand the second they’re complete; you can also check out the Gun Nuts Gear Shop to show your support for the best shooting sports podcast out there!

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