Gun Nuts tonight: BRING IT

Due to the popularity of a previous segment wherein listeners were asked to share their grievance with our federal government, tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio will focus primarily on the grinding of axes.  You’ve got a grievance?  We’ve got a forum.  Whether it’s with the federal government, a firearms company, your mother-in-law, as long as it’s related to politics or the shooting/hunting/outdoor sports, I want to hear from you tonight at 9pm Eastern time.  The show goes live at 9pm, and we can be reached by calling 347-539-5436 – as always we’re live at

The way I see it, my therapist said it’s good for me to vent my frustrations, so I might as help provide catharsis for all of our dear listeners out there, right? Join me tonight at 9pm Eastern time – bring your axes and your grindstones to Gun Nuts Radio!

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