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Make your Glock into an SBR, for the price of a real rifle! I kid a little bit here, but honestly, attaching a stock to a pistol ranks just slightly above .357 Sig on my list of “useless items for the shooting sports”. Not trying to run down the guys at Endo, buy for what it would cost to do this you might as well make an SBR out of something cool. Either way, you’re going to get a proctological exam from the federales, so it should be for something awesome like a 10 inch carbine.

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  1. This is something that makes sense for select-fire pistol, which is why many of them come with stock attachment. So, for agencies that do use select-fire Glocks, this is great. But for a regular semi, I don’t know, sounds too much like another couch commando gadget.

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