More IDPA Practice

With two (and maybe three if I can find the free time) major IDPA matches in the next couple of months, I need to get all the “non-match” practice in that I can.  While shooting regular matches is a key factor in in improving performance, you also need to get that solo practice time on the square range so you can hone certain fundamentals.  Like I said here, you have to practice the things you’re not good at, and there’s no better time to do that when you’re by yourself at the range.

That means today I’ll be setting up and shooting the IDPA qualifier.  I had an email asking me why I used that to practice for major IDPA matches since it’s relatively uncomplex.  The value of the IDPA classifier is that because it’s a fixed COF, it’s very easy to measure improvement.  You shoot it with the same gun and gear each time, and you can tell just by comparing your scores from 2 weeks ago to today what you’re doing better or worse.  Additionally, 1/3 of the qualifier is fired at the 15-20 yard distance, which is the distance that I need the most work on, so it’s worthwhile for me to spend some time putting bullets downrange at that distance.

I’ll keep shooting the IDPA classifier once a week through August, then come September, I’ll hit my match archives and pull a few former matches stages and shoot those to give myself more practice.  My ultimate goal is to win my division and classification at both the Tri-State Regional and the Indiana State match.


  1. Say, are there many stages at State that include prone, carrying objects, etc?

    Will you practice those as well?

    I’m asking because I have my first state match next week and judging from recent local matches, there’s going to be some difficult stages.

  2. I know that in USPSA there is at least one prone-based classifier…

    I’ve only ever once had to shoot a prone stage in match: small port on the ground to shoot through…

    TJ has some good advice on going prone – check it through youtube…

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