Gun Nuts Tonight – MHI and Larry Correia

I know that I say this every single week – but if you’re going to listen live to just one episode of Gun Nuts Radio, you should make it tonight’s episode.  Joining us live tonight will be Larry Correia, former FFL holder, current 3-gun shooter, and of course the author of the wildly popular Monster Hunter International novel.  Larry will be joining us live to talk about shooting, the book business, his writing, and (hopefully) give us the skinny on any sequels to MHI.

That’s not all, though.  I told you this show would be jam packed with awesome, and I wasn’t kidding.  We’re also going to be giving live viewers and listeners and exclusive first look at the Daniel Defense DDXV rifle.  You’ll see live on the Gun Nuts Radio webcast before you see in stores, in gun magazines, or anywhere else.  The video is only available to live listerners though, so if you’re not live, then you’ll miss the visual component of the DDXV.

Also, because of last week’s drought of new callers, I’m continuing my offer to donate $5 to NRA for every new caller that calls in tonight.  If you’ve never called Gun Nuts Radio before, and you call us to talk about the carbine, or to ask Larry a question, then I’ll donate $5 to NRA to help preserve our right to keep and bear arms.  The call in number is 347-539-5436, and as usual, the show goes live at 9pm Eastern time.

Don’t miss us tonight – live at with Larry Correia, author of MHI and the new Daniel Defense DDXV!


  1. Really looking forward to tonight’s show! My only worry is that while my copy of MHI should be on my doorstep when I come home, I don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish it before the show.

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