I bought 100rds of CCI Mini Mags (at Premier Arms) because I always try to buy something when I’m in a gun store. I want them to associate my face with the jingle of the cash register so that they are happy to see me when I walk in.

For the first time in my life, I’m on a first name “Hi Caleb” basis with a gun shop, that shop being Beech Grove Firearms in, duh, Beech Grove.  I do all my FFL transactions through there, so when I buy guns on GunBroker, or get T&E guns shipped to me for shooting and testing, it comes through Beech Grove.  I also try to buy ammo there whenever I’m in the store, because 1) they actually carry good ammo, 2) they were the only store that maintained any kind of reasonable stocking levels during the worst of the shortage, and 3) reasonable prices.

If you’re on the southside of Indy, or if you don’t mind making the long haul from El Norte, check ’em out.  They’re good guys, they have reasonable prices, and they loads of goodies in stock.

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  1. That’s the one drawback of handloading. Now I only seem to stop into the various shops maybe once a month. When I do show up I drop more change than a few buck as I’m buying a new gun or ammo/components that number in the hundreds to thousands. They recognize my face, but don’t say “Hey Weer’d” [or whatever the name on my permit or credit card says].

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