Blackhawk SERPA Quick Disconnect system

Our friends at Blackhawk have officially launched the SERPA Quick Disconnect system, which allows your holster to be safely moved and transported to and from various locations.  Initially designed for the military to be able to move a drop leg holster up to a chest mount in a hurry without having to handle the firearm, there are plenty of applications for the civilian as well.

For example, it would be simplicity itself to mount one of the pieces on a wood plank, and secure that plank to the underside of a desk or dresser, allowing you secure but rapid access to a pistol for HD situations.  The “easy on, easy off” nature of the quick release situation means that you can have one gun, and one holster for multiple carry positions.

There are even applications to the practical shooting sports, as with the “quick release” and 360 angles, your Single Stack holster can be rapidly converted to a Limited Holster by changing the cant to allow for faster access.  The Quick Disconnect system is compatible with both the SERPA lock holsters, and the injection modeled CQC holsters, which are dimensionally the same as the SERPA holsters, but lack the locking mechanism.

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  1. Also useful for Open Carry in a vehicle. In Delaware you can open carry a gun in your car, but it has to be clearly visible. This often means seat or dash mounted holsters. Since SERPAs are pretty much the defacto OC holster around here, this would do nicely.

    I just wish I could use one with my Hipower. Alas the slide release pin protrudes too much and blocks the lock button.

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