ICORE Match recap

We did in fact have an ICORE match at Atlanta Conservation Club this past Saturday, despite the blustery weather.  We managed to dodge the bulk of the rain, which is always a good thing for the cardboard targets – and the shooters I suppose.


  • The new fiber optic front sight post on my 625 is WAAAAAY higher than the original black post on the gun.  I had to crank the rear sight up by quite a few clicks to get the gun back to where I had it sighted in for previously.
  • My reloads are getting consistently better with the gun, which I owe to lots of practice.
  • The moonclip holders from California Competition Works are awesome.
  • I need a holster that puts the butt of the gun lower than it currently is.  Right now I’m using my IDPA revolver holster (an excellent Safariland), but my hand hits the butt of the gun relatively high up my hip, and due to my T-rex arms makes getting it out of the holster a more difficult proposition.
  • Shooting a DA revolver makes you better at shooting, period.  If you manage the trigger on a DA revolver and get good hits, you can manage the trigger on anything.

Our next match at ACC is August 29th – come out, bring your wheelguns and shoot with us!  You’ll have fun, I promise.