I'm the opposite of moderate

Immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.


6. a person who is moderate in opinion or opposed to extreme views and actions, esp. in politics or religion.

Seeing as anymore in politics, “moderate” has become synonymous with “progressive”, I now have to abandon my label as a “moderate”. Because honestly, when I think about it – I’m not. I’m an advocate for individual liberty, which is no longer a value considered to be moderate. Oh well, c’est la vie, it was just a label anyway.


  1. The left has learned the lesson: Words have meaning. And by changing the meaning of words they are slowly remaking the world in their image. Witness the term “liberal”. At one time it meant the person was an advocate of freedom. Not anymore. Conservative used to mean something different than it does too. I stopped being a label a long time ago.

  2. T.I.? Really? I never really thought you for a listener of dirty south rap. Interesting.

    I’ve never called myself anything but a big, evil, Reganesque Republican. I can’t get behind libertarianism, but to each and what not. I don’t mind the label, it is true.

    However, even when moderate didn’t mean progressive, I’ve always told them to stop dickering and pick a side.

  3. 3eepers Untie!

    (pun intended…)

    Since you’re now a “liberal”, can I have your guns?

    (Liberal in the Milton Friedman sense of the term…)

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