Senator Lugar abandons Hoosier gun owners

I just got word that the Nationwide Reciprocity amendment failed to pass by 2 votes. We had a large majority, but needed 60 votes to pass, and ended up with only 58 yes votes. We had almost a 20% majority, but because of a few key votes, the amendment was defeated.

As mentioned below, Senator Dick Lugar from Indiana was among the “no” votes. Allegedely pro-gun, this is the second time in recent memory that Sen Lugar has shown no interest in expanding and preserving the rights of law abiding Hoosier gun owners. This troubling track record has lead me to the decision to actively work against Sen. Lugar at the next election, assuming his opponent is pro-gun. Turning his back on the law-abiding Hoosiers needs to be a serious mistake for the Senator, and I encourage you to call his office and express your discontent.


  1. Why the fuck would he be against this? Indiana already has reciprocity with all other states. This law wouldn’t change how your state operates at all!

    WTF, Over!

  2. Exactamundo Weer’d Beard.

    A Hoosier politician named Lugar 🙂 voting against ccw reciprocity? Oh the humanity.

  3. Hey Caleb. Considiering the entrenchment about Bayh, Carson, and Lugar, we discussed in that other blog comment section. I had a notion.

    I figure it would be amusing to have my name legally changed to Richard Lugar and then run against him as a democrat, just to see how many votes I could get from those suckers that reflexively check next to his name election after election.

  4. I was a bit stunned that he voted against it. Like Weer’d Beard points out, we recognize all other states permits, but there are a lot of states that don’t recognize ours, so this would have been a huge win for Hoosier permit holders. Lugar really stuck it to Hoosiers with this vote. I’ve been unhappy with him for a while now, and I will not vote for the man again. He’s just not representing us anymore. It’s time for him to retire.

  5. Caleb: Dick Luger has NOT been our friend for years, if NOT decades. I voted against him in the last election because he is among the very worst of the entrenched Republicans in the Senate.

    What I am surprised with is Bayh’s vote. I figured both of them for a ‘Nay’ vote.

    The problem is Luger is able to raise so much money to get re-elected no one worthwhile will challenge him and for that I curse the system.

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  6. Not being an Indiana resident the only dog I have in this hunt is national, not state; Lugar, though resembles our problem down here: Martinez.. I think, though, this is a good example of why we need to replace every incumbent – local, state and federal – in the next round, then start building a solid base.

    I think there’s a good tie-in between gun rights/civil rights (the same thing) and fiscal responsibility; in that regard gun owners, from a civil rights standpoint, may be able to “merge muscle” with the TEA Party movement.

  7. Anyone know how to debunk or verify this claim?
    I really find it hard to believe. Smells like BS, but I am not sure where to track down the info.

    Concealed handgun permit holders killed at least seven police officers and 44 private citizens during a two-year period ending in April, according to a study by the Violence Policy Center. “It is beyond irrational for Congress to vote to expand the reach of these deadly laws,” said the center’s legislative director, Kristen Rand.

  8. I sent him another strongly-worded letter!

    I really want someone to explain to me how the second amendment doesn’t cover this, anyway…

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