Gun Nuts Tonight – 30 seconds with The Prez

What would you tell our President if you had 30 seconds of his time?  That’s the question on tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio, live at 9pm Eastern.  When we open open up the phones tonight, we want to hear from the live listeners out there – what would you say in 30 seconds or less to our current sitting president?  Would you remind him of his duties to the Constitution and his obligation to the nation, or would you ask him a hard question about his past?  While most of us will never get that chance, tonight at 9pm Eastern time you will at least get to tell us.  Join the show live by calling 347-539-5436 when we ask for callers to give our President 30 seconds of your mind!

In other topics, we’re also going to cover the proposed amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill that would grant reciprocity (interstate recognition) to holders of concealed carry permits.  That means for the first time, my Indiana license would be honored in Washington, or any other state that issues permits to their residents.  Needless to say, this is almost a hail-mary, but if you asked me even 3 years ago that we’d be talking about interstate right to carry legislation with a Democrat as President and Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress, I’d have said you were nuts.

If you want to listen to the show, then join us tonight at 9pm Eastern on – your online home for the best in shooting sports and 2A news!


  1. 30 seconds isn’t anywhere near enough time to give him a piece of my mind, so it would be something along the lines of “Mr. Obama, READ THE CONSTITUTION YOU FCKIN FCK! Thank you, and have a fantastic day.”

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