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Instead of having the 646 tuned up for Steel Challenge, I could find some SW collector, sell it and then use the money to buy 2 S&W 625s, which are definitively the bee’s knees. That way all my gun kata stays the same since the 625s eat out of moonclips, and I only need to buy one kind of ammo to feed them. Decisions, decisions. The 625s also have the advantage of being an N-frame, which is full of win and awesome.

The 646 isn’t a bad gun, mind you. It just hast really lit me on fire with enthusiasm, unlike the 625 which was love at first trigger pull. Plus, I have one 625 already, and could always use a backup in case the first one goes TU at an inopportune moment during a match.


  1. I’m probably not much help here, but I do share your love for the N frames. I just inherited a couple of .41 magnums (model 57 and 58) from my dad. I’ve shot them many times with him, but now that they are mine I’m wondering what holster works best with these?

    I figure that if you’re looking to do competition shooting you probably have a good idea of something that would work. Got any suggestions?

  2. For Steel Challange, unlike USPSA or IDPA, more than 6 shots would be good. If you like the N Frame go for a 627 (8 shot .357 mag). It is moonclipped and you can use 38 special for the game. The power factor for SC makes 38 specials good.

    I shot a SC match Saturday and a guy in my squad had one, very nice. And the 2 extra shots can make a difference.

  3. For holsters I use a Safariland rig, I forget the model number though. I’m thinking about the 627, if for no other reason than I can get one in 38 Super.

  4. The safariland holster is the worldcup 002. It is open all the way down the front for speed. Legal for USPSA, ICORE and SC.

  5. Ruger used to make the Speed Six in 9mm that used moonclips, and you can have a few different S&W wheelies converted to 9mm moons.

    Taurus makes a 5 shot 9mm snubby in 9mm as well, but the trigger is wretched.

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