EOTAC Mechanic Shirt

As someone that regularly carries a concealed firearm, I’m always looking for an effective way to conceal that firearm without obviously printing or otherwise broadcasting that I’m carrying a gun. One of the most effective concealment options for hot weather has been wearing a photographer style vest, such as those made by EOTAC that are common for IDPA matches. The problem with the tactical, or “Shoot me first” vests is that you don’t often see people rolling around the local mall wearing photographer’s vests; so it makes it more difficult to “blend in”.

However, the latest product from EOTAC is something that interests me. Their new “mechanic-style” shirt offers practical concealment without sacrificing style or hanging out a sign that says “hey, I have a GUN under this TACTICAL! VEST!” Additionally, the new mechanic’s shirt comes in a small, which is an option that wasn’t available for the vests, making finding one to fit my diminutive frame somewhat difficult.

It is nice to see tactical style clothing made for the CCW holder and off-duty law enforcement that doesn’t completely toss style to the wind. While I imagine that style may not be that big of a concern to some of you, for us metro-tactical guys, it’s important that we look good!

Note: As I write this, EOTAC’s website is being violently pwnd, so I’m just going to link you to the presser in The Tactical Wire.


  1. Just for arguments sake, what does this shirt do better than a standard department store mechanic/bowling/camp shirt? I can find one there that doesn’t print and costs a fraction of what the EOTAC shirt does. It looks like the only real difference is velcro closure at the front. That’s handy but I can probably do without if I dress properly.

  2. I wear untucked camp shirts seven days a week. They are nearly identical to the EOTAC shirts (which I’m sure are very nice) but none of them cost me more than about $12.

    I like them because if I need to suddenly go into business casual mode, I can tuck the shirt in over my MTAC IWB holster, remove the magazine/OC from my belt, and then switch right back when the occasion is over.

  3. I hope to see more of this mentality from the industry; in my mind it’s a very effective way to court new blood.

    Love the random assortment of ambiguous patches that come with it, too. I think I still have a DPMS patch from NRA’s 2008 convention… but… you know.

  4. As far as photog-style vests go – Scott eVests are much more subtle. At one point they had a “tactical” type vest that was supposed to be designed for LE but wasnt’ terribly tommy tacticool. I’ve got a jacket with zip-off sleeves for the summer and it’s pretty nice. The right-hand pocket has a retaining strap that hold my G17L in quite nicely. (Not that I’d walk out of the house with it, being as a) I normally keep my keys in that pocket, and b) I live in PRNJ…)

  5. Huh. I have never had a problem concealing anything under a basic, $5, untucked t-shirt. I must be doing something wrong…

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