This should be fun

Today is a day of feasting and celebration know throughout the world, and in honor of the joyous day I’m going to head out to the range at Atlanta Conservation Club and shoot a Single Stack match. I plan on running the Gun Blog 9mm, which means I will be shooting minor instead of major like the cool kids. There is a strategic advantage in shooting minor though, because unlike in Limited or Limited-10, in Single Stack division guns shooting minor get to put more BBs in the magazine. Guns shooting Major are capped at 8+1 rounds, whereas Minor guns are capped at 10+1. The trade off is that you don’t score as many points for B and C hits with a Minor gun as you do with a Major gun, which means you need to be more accurate.

This will be my first Single Stack match at ACC, so we’ll see how I do. I tend to shoot the Gun Blog 9 very well, as lightweight Commander sized guns seem to fit my personal style. No matter what happens, it should be a fun day!


  1. guess I was confused, when i read the “running the Gun Blog 9mm” I thought you were shooting LDA Para. My bad.

  2. I did indeed sneak a birthday past you guys, Tam. I’m generally pretty low-key about birthdays.

    But yeah, the Gun Blog 9mm is a single action single-stack 1911 in 9mm. It’s a “traditional” 1911 in terms of action, but it’s a commander sized gun in 9mm. It is a bitchin’ gun for Single Stack if you don’t mind shooting minor.

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