So this guy decides to write a letter to the Senate, saying that he’s a gun owner but he hates the NRA and thinks the NRA sucks and wants to let everyone know that he thinks gun owners should support Sotomayor.  Normally, I wouldn’t have any problem with that, because it’s a free country and if you want to make an idiot of yourself on the public record, go right ahead.  Here’s the letter itself for you to read.  Here’s my problem though – in addition to the guy being a major Democrat donor and Obama supporter, he’s also a straight up liar.  In his letter he says:

Here in Idaho where I live there are no NRA basic firearm training programs even though this is a great outdoor sports state.

If you are going to lie about stuff, at least use Google first.  I found an NRA Basic Pistol course, SpudGuns.Net which offers a whole whack of NRA Courses, an article from 2008 detailing an Eddie Eagle visit, and as mentioned elsewhere Idaho also has notable long-range marksman and NRA member Joe Huffman.  So when you said “there are no NRA basic firearm training programs” what you really meant was “there are no NRA basic firearms training programs except for the several dozen that can be found in 10 seconds by searching google?”

I get that you’ve got an agenda to push, Lawrence Gebhardt, but if you’re going to just make stuff up wholesale, it makes you look like an idiot in public.  I noticed you don’t really disagree with any of NRA’s points about Sotomayor either, all you do is take potshots at them…potshots which can be demonstrated as categorically false.

Let me help you write your next angry letter, Lawrence. before you send anything to the US Senate.


  1. I want to own three pistols, two rifles, and a shot gun in a pear tree…

    I’m with The Commander, I think the entire thing is a lie.

    However, I would indeed like to hear what Sotomayor does have in response to those questions. It wasn’t a total fail. I give him an F+.

  2. He meant to say “There are no American Hunters and Shooters Association training programs in Idaho”, something Idaho has in common with the other 56 states.

  3. Not only does he hate the NRA, he wasn’t able to refute a single point made by Chris Cox.

    The whole letter is just one giant Ad Hominem.

  4. >>…something Idaho has in common with the other 56 states.<<

    That, sir, was inspired!

    I salute you!

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