Pardon me sir

But I noticed a silver case on your end table, and was wondering what joys it contained?

From PC 646

Yes sir, that would be the case in question. And as to the contents of the case, just click below the jump.

From PC 646

It’s a S&W Performance Center 646 in .40 S&W. It’s built on an L-Frame body with a titanium cylinder, so it’s MUCH lighter than my N-framed 625. Interestingly enough, the trigger pull is heavier on the PC gun than it is on the non-PC N-frame, which I have been told is due to the fact that N-frames generally have lighter triggers (although no one told me why).

Grips and goodies are on order for the gun already, as I’m hoping to shoot this in a few upcoming matches. One of the interesting issues with the gun is that the rim thickness of .40 S&W ammo varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so S&W ships the gun with two thickness of moonclips, to accommodate different rim thicknesses. I also ordered some polymer moonclips for the gun, just to see if they were any better/worse. Of course, I have a whole whack of test ammo on it’s way as well – from 180 grain FMJ down to the new Winchester SuperClean NT 140 grain JSP. The Winchester rounds are expensive, since they’re lead-free, however I’ve heard good reports about their accuracy and soft recoil – in fact, I recall Robb Leatham using them for practice ammo at Bianchi Cup (in 9mm though).

I of course will provide further details once I actually get the thing out to the range, hopefully this week.