After the match report

This past 4th of July weekend, I shot my first IDPA match with my new S&W 625, which was a very education experience.  On the very first stage I shot, I completely forgot I was shooting a revolver, so my first six shots sounded like “bangbang-bangbang-bangbang-click-@*&#!”, which the RO found pretty humorous.  I ended up not finishing too poorly, ending up second out of the wheelgun shooters.


  1. Reloads were generally pretty good actually – the time I’d spent slinging moonclips at the cylinder paid off for the most part.  The worst reload I had was when a moonclip bound up on the grip.
  2. Target transitions weren’t too bad either.  The 625 weighs approximately 1 million pounds, but the nice thing about that all that weight is that it swings pretty fast once you get it going.


  1. My trigger control was pretty rough.  There were more than a couple shots where I could tell that I didn’t have an even press through the trigger and that resulted in bullets not going where I wanted them to go.
  2. Sights.  It was slightly overcast on Saturday (and actually started raining), and the “black on black” sight picture was actually pretty hard to pick up.  I need to either a) buy a punch from Brownells, or b) just take the rig to a gunsmith and have them put that new HiViz sight on the gun.

The biggest thing that I need to do is practice with the gun.  Certain actions that are “automatic” with a 1911 haven’t yet reached that point with a revolver, including reloads.  That stuff is just a matter of time and practice though, because since August of last year I’ve fired over 50,000 rounds through semi-automatic pistols and done countless reload and presentation drills.  The advantage of the wheelgun over the semi-auto in the “practice” arena is that I can simulate everything about a course of fire except for recoil all the comfort of my own home.  I see lots of dry firing in my future.


  1. …ending up second out of the wheelgun shooters.

    Out of how many revolver shooters? 😉

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