Gun Blog Rankings

I noticed this site yesterday, which uses an aggregate scoring system to rank gun blogs based on Google Page rank, RSS subscribers, technorati rank (I’m not even indexed in Technorati), etc to determine the “top 25 gun blogs”.  I also noticed that GunNuts.Net wasn’t in their rankings, so I submitted it yesterday, and now I’m number 9.

It’s kind of cool, plus we all know that every blogger loves getting his or her ego stroked – I mean, blogging is essentially talking to yourself in public, so it takes a certain amount of narcissism to do this.


  1. #9 that they know about. I thought about submitting my blog, but something about that site struck me as off so I didn’t.

  2. I submitted mine the other day and was shocked to see I ranked #42.

    They must only have 42 gun blogs in their indexes. 🙂

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