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Tam has a weakness for WWII films, saying that “any movie featuring dead Nazis and machine-guns is a good movie”.  I agree, but that’s not my particular weakness – I have a weakness for action films set in the 20-30s period myself.  Trench guns, Thompson SMGs, WWI Colts, and all the revolvers you could ask for…which is why I’m actually going to drag myself to a theatre this weekend and see the new Michael Mann film, Public Enemies.  Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and loads and loads of Tommy guns?  All directed by Michael Mann, the guy who directs pretty much the best gunfights ever captured on film?  Yes please.


  1. Have you seen “The Sand Pebbles”?

    Steve McQueen, set in the ’20s in China and featuring BARs and Lewis Guns.

  2. I’ve seen Public Enemies and I cannot recommend it. I ended up really not caring about anyone in the movie and that’s never a good thing. That said, they did have some decent scenes with tommyguns and even an 1887 lever shotgun. It just wasn’t a good film.

  3. Well crud, Jose, that pretty much buggers it :P. Thanks for being honest, though… I will probably see if I can catch the earliest-matinee showing here – it is cheaper than renting it three months from now.

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