A little help

I am hoping (two fingers crossed here) that someone out there in blog land can point me in the direction of a large supply of a very specific round of ammo: Magtech .40 S&W 160 grain lead semi-wadcutter.  While not a very popular round for autochuckers since Glocks don’t like lead bullets and other pistols in .40 struggle with the semi-wadcutter, I’ve shot this round out of a friend’s 610 before, and it’s absolutely the berries for shooting revolvers in .40.  It’s available on MidwayUSA, but there’s no “bulk purchase” option, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay $26 p/50 rounds plus shipping and handling.

So if anyone knows a shop, or if you’ve got a shop and are sitting on a stack of this stuff, shoot me an email and we’ll work out a fair price for it.  In the next few months I plan on consuming stacks and stacks of .40 ammo…so I’m looking for a good supply of this particular round.


  1. Caleb, why don’t you call Midway and say, I want to buy x thousand of this round…is there a bulk discount possibility? If the peon on the phone can’t give you an answer, ask to speak to a manager. I’m sure if you push it you can score a bulk deal.

  2. Check out the Scottsdale Gun Club. Magtech is what they sell for range ammo, and Im sure they sell more than almost anyone else. I don’t shoot much 40, but lately they have been seeling 9mm for a reasonable price. I think their website is SGCUSA.com

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