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A couple of fun items from around the web.

Pro shooter and amateur comedian (I kid, I kid) Phil Strader has signed with Team Smith & Wesson.

Speaking of Team S&W, Julie Golob was awarded the High Master classification in NRA Action Pistol for her performance at Bianchi Cup.

Watched Cowboys on Outdoor Channel last night. I’m digging the new style of the show, and Tupelo Flash was born to be the host of that show. Last night’s episode was neat, it primarily was a profile of Jessie Abbate of Team Glock, who when she’s not winning Steel Challenge is winning every Western 3-gun event in sight.

We’re just a little over a month away from Steel Challenge, which means I need to get my entry form submitted if I’m going to make it to the match.

It’s a good time to be playing gun games!

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  1. If there is a reason on this earth to trade my 1911’s for a souless glock, it is Jessie Abbate

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