My first Performance Center gun is on the way

A while back I was debating whether or not I should get an S&W 627 in .357 or .38 Super. Being the gunspaz that I am, I ended up getting neither, because I saw a GunBroker auction for a Performance Center 646, an L-framed gun in .40 SW. I ended up getting this gun because it’s a bit lighter than the N-framed 627, and it allows me to make use of my existing stock of .40 ammo, including my beloved “light 40” load for ICORE and Steel.

The downside is that because it’s a PC gun, I can’t shoot it in Production Division for Bianchi Cup…but what I can do is find one of the non-PC 646 guns and shoot that in Production. I’m so excited I just can’t stand waiting.

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