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It was all about America, with a dose of lawn care, listener mail, and some good old fashioned humor thrown it.  As usual, I very much enjoyed doing last night’s show, as it gave me an opportunity to hear from you guys why exactly you’re still proud to be an American, even in times like these.  Because make no mistake, I am proud to be an American, and I’m proud of my American heritage.  To hear what other folks said about how kickass the USA is, click here for the show page.  If you’d like to download the .mp3 file of the show, click this link for a downloadable version.

I was a little surprised how long it took people to start calling in though – last week when we asked you to complain about the feds, the response was instant and overwhelming.  Then last night, we said “yeah, our government sucks right now, but what do you think is awesome about America”, I had to browbeat ya’ll into calling in.  To everyone who called in, thank you.  To the people reading this that have never called in (and there are a lot of you), give it a try!  We’d love to have you join us live even for just a few minutes.  The ability to connect with out listeners is what makes the show such a joy for both of us.

Here are some of the best answers as to why America is still awesome:

  1. The 2nd Amendment
  2. American Individual Ingenuity
  3. Freedom to say government sucks
  4. “The Next Election”
  5. And many many great examples

I think one of my personal favorites was that one our listeners pointed out we’d had a contested election in 2000, and a hotly contested race in 2008, and yet it was pretty much “business as usual”.  In other countries, these sorts of things often turn themselves to shooting wars, but here we just held out collective stuff together and went on with life.

I think if I were going to summarize last night’s show in three words, it would be pretty simple: America…f*** yeah.

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  1. I made the top ten! Cool.

    Great show. It was good to be back. I’d been away from the gunblogging thing for a while.

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