A year of Gun Nuts Radio

We mentioned it in passing on the show last night, but Gun Nuts Radio officially hit its 1 year anniversary last year.  It’s neat for me to see how far the show has grown in just a year.  Compare the stats from the very first show on the 24th of June, 2008 to the “average” Gun Nuts Radio broadcast now.

First show
Live listeners: 16
Downloads: 426
iTunes DL: 0 (we didn’t have iTunes integration back then)

Average June 2009 Show
Live listeners: 119
Downloads: 1572
iTunes DL: 453

That means that the average episode of Gun Nuts Radio pulls down 2100+ listeners every Tuesday night, almost 5 times our “first show” numbers. I call 500% listener growth in a year a pretty solid number. In that year, we’ve had some great shows as well.  If I had to pick a favorite show (that’s like picking a favorite child!) it would probably have to the be the show we did with Tom Hughes of NRA about NRA Action Pistol.  It was incredibly enjoyable to talk to Tom, and to get a feel for what NRA had in mind for Action Pistol and the Bianchi Cup.

Our highest rated show is kind of a surprise – it’s the “Better Shooting through Science” episode, which has received a whopping 5k+ downloads via BTR and iTunes.  Not far behind is our show with Gordon Hutchinson, author of The New Orleans Gun Grab.  If you click in to listen to that show with Gordon, make sure you pick up a copy of his book from the Amazon.com sponsored link as well in the show page.

It’s been a great year for Gun Nuts Radio.  We’ve had tremendous growth and now have established a positive and loyal base of listeners…which means it’s time to start moving on to the next level that I have planned for the show.  Not quite world domination, but I want to significantly broaden our market exposure and grab more listeners.  My goal is to have 1000 live listeners per show by this time in 2010 – but I need your help.  Tell your friends, tell other gunnies about us: Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern at www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts!


  1. Congratulations! I’ve been enjoying the podcast for a few months now and finally got in on the live action last night. You’ve developed a great community and a fun podcast. Here’s to many more years!

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