Lead ammo ban

A recent report issued by the California Department of Fish and Game shows that levels of lead in the blood of California Condors is “inconclusive”.  Gosh, it’s almost like the lead ammo ban in California was just a stunt to drive up the cost of hunting and push more shooters and sportsmen out of the state.

NSSF has more in their official press release.

“The problem all along with linking the use of traditional ammunition and the health of the California condor has been lack of conclusive scientific evidence that justifies banning ammunition containing lead components,” said Steve Sanetti, president and CEO of NSSF, trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry. “This report only serves to support industry’s position that the ban is unwarranted.”

Now, I don’t exactly expect the California legislature to run out and reverse the lead ammo ban, but maybe someday the people of California will get tired of the clownshow in Sac-Town ruining their state and do something about it.  That happens and I’d move back there in a heartbeat.

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