Gun Nuts Tonight: America, F*** Yeah!

Last week, if you listened to the show, you know that we had about a 30 minute bit where our listeners called in and told us what was pissing them off about the government.  Tonight’s show, at least in part is going to be the exact opposite of that – we’re going to talk about what you think makes America the most awesome country on earth, despite all her flaws.  We’re also going to be reading some of the pile of email that I’ve gotten from listeners – you guys and gals have asked me a lot of questions in email, and it’s high time that you got a response on air.  That’s live tonight at 9pm Eastern time at  Tonight we want you to call in and join us: 347-539-5436 to tell us what you think is great about this fine nation in which we live.

We have a pretty solid line up of shows coming up in the next few months – as I slowly try to corral my herd of cats into a coherent line-up you’re going to be hearing about some of these shows as we get them.  Keep it on BlogTalkRadio for the best in political and shooting sports information!