The new Brownells website

It has been mentioned all across the gun blog world that Brownells recently updated and completely revised their website.  I finally got around to making a purchase on the new website last night, I needed moonclip holders and a fiber optic front sight for my 625.  The new website made doing that almost ridiculously easy.  I found my moonclip holders, added them to my cart, found the front sight I wanted, hit it up and was on my way.  If you take out the time I spent clicking around looking at random things, the whole experience probably took 5 minutes, which is exactly how I like it.

My only issue was when I was shopping for the sights – I had to refer to an external website to figure out which models of HiViz sights fight my particular 625.  Brownells’ descriptions were less than clear, but other than that minor nitpick, everything was pretty much awesome.  Kudos to Brownells for their redesign.  Assuming that it stays stable, it’s actually going to take a lot of my business away from MidwayUSA.