Dear Outdoor Channel

I love you guys, I really do.  But you know what I hate?  That I can’t watch your shows online.  Think for a second about the number of “gun people” who don’t have cable, or don’t have a provider that carries the Outdoor Channel.  If Comcast ever decided to drop Outdoor Channel, I’d have no way to watch a good 2.5 hours of shooting sports shows on Wednesday night.

My point, beloved Outdoor Channel, is that you need to get your shows online.  There are a number of ways that your shows can be broadcast online, and the best part is because you’re showing everything to an increased audience, you can charge more for advertising.  In all seriousness though, it is kind of ridiculous that if I want to train using the “Protips” from Shooting USA, I have to read a transcript of it, instead of just hopping over to Youtube and watching it.


  1. Absolutely. I’ve emailed Michael Bane numerous times about getting full shows online – I’d even pay a reasonable subscription fee to get them – but so far the Outdoor Channel’s Mad Internet Skilz seem limited to blogs and 2-minute YouTube clips.

    I’m solving the problem by getting cable, but that’s treating the symptoms rather than the disease.

  2. Same here. I don’t get the Outdoor Channel and am not going to up my cable bill by $20 per month just to do so.

    I do wear the hat, though.

  3. My cable provider does not offer the Outdoor Channel, and I’m not moving to satellite.

    A video podcast (time-delayed, two weeks) would be perfect. Heck, I’d pony up $20 a year for DVD’s of each show.

  4. That would be great! I have no conventional tv (antenna, cable, satellite, nothing), but would like to watch Outdoor Channel’s shooting shows.

  5. i sent this off to the individual(s) who runs their Twitter account…don’t know if it’ll do much, but it might help. i’d like to be able to see these shows again, since we no longer subscribe to cable/satellite.

  6. Hey Caleb,

    I found out about this post via Twitter.

    Thanks for being a fan of Outdoor Channel and I can tell you that I definitely hear your frustration.

    While I can’t announce anything at this point I can tell you that we hear you and we’ve heard others like you on that point. We’re currently diligently working on some things that will hopefully bring you what you’re asking for.

    I’ll make sure to update you as information becomes available.

    Until then, please keep watching! I’ll be sure to update you when more info becomes available.

    – Outdoor Channel Digital Media Team

  7. Could it be that OCD Media Team is listening to the fans? I hope so, I would love to get the shows online.

  8. I’ve been nagging them about this for several months.

    I’d also love to have them available on Netflix’s watch it now service.


    “Could it be that OCD Media Team is listening to the fans? I hope so, I would love to get the shows online.”

    I sure hope so…

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