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Tam does an excellent job of laying out Frank Lautenberg’s “great” idea to not let people on the no-fly list buy firearms.  Remember, this is the same “no-fly list” that is a secret, you don’t know who is on it, and is populated with military vets, small children, congressmen, and basically whomever the government pleases.

Understandably, I’m not in favor of secret government lists…especially when secret government lists are used to deny people their civil rights.  I mean, can you imagine the outrage if the US Census was used to deprive Jews and blacks of their voting rights?  The ACLU would be all over it…but on the issue of taking guns away from law abiding citizens via a secret list…well, the silence is somewhat deafening.


  1. Not to mention that the proposal presents a security flaw – the list is supposed to be a secret, but by applying for a gun purchase, people can learn whether or not they are on the list. This will actually make us less safe, serving as advance notice to terrorists – all they would have to do to find out whether the DHS is on to them is to buy a gun once in a while.

  2. Check this out:

    I stumbled upon this blog this morning, and the guy just goes off. Seems to support the idea of putting people on this terrorist list based on *suspicion*, and his justification for this view is that we attacked a country based on suspicion.

    Nothing like being against view *X*, until, somehow, you can use view *X* to support your own view.

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