New Zealand gun control

A few blogs have been talking about how New Zealand has been going towards embracing more and more gun control/assault weapons nonsense.  It’s interesting to see this, because of the “non-USA” countries, New Zealand has a pretty active shooting culture.  ICORE and Bianchi Cup are extremely popular sports down there, and the New Zealand Team that competes at Bianchi every year are 1) a lot of fun, and 2) pretty good at this game.

Now, as a side note, a lot of the Kiwis I’ve met who shoot these games use revolvers, which aren’t in danger of falling under the government’s thumb right now.  However, I hope that my friends down in New Zealand realize that it’s assault weapons, then tomorrow your revolver becomes a dangerous assault revolver, and then it’s your .22 being labeled the gun of choice of assassins.  Welcome to the slippery slope, guys.

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