Bob Vogel wins Pro-Am

Actually, Bob won both the Open and Limited division at the Pro-Am this year, taking more steps assert himself as one of the top shooters in the circuit right now.  Here’s the crazy part though…he won the Open division at the Pro-Am shooting his Limited division gun.

Apparently nobody told Bob Vogel who claimed the ProAm Open division title after being forced to shoot his limited pistol when his open gun went down. The shock of winning with a limited gun even caught him off guard.

There’s a good, and then there’s a level of good that is just sort of scary.  Bob has been rapidly making a run at the big guns in the sport, winning the Production Nationals last year, the IDPA Winter Nationals this year, and now both divisions at the Pro-Am.  He also cleaned up at the Indiana State Sectional Match, winning every stage in Limited-10 division for total match points.

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