Bill Maher is a sad panda

I will occasionally watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO as a way to test my patience and capacity for serenity. Usually I’m infuriated by 20 minutes in to the show, and I have to turn the channel lest I put a bullet in my TV. However, this weekend I made it through the whole show, thanks in no small part to the little package of awesome that is Megan McCain. But I digress – at the end of the show, Bill Maher pulled put the sad panda routine, when he went on a 5 minute rant about the Democrats are too right wing and how they don’t support gun control. I had to laugh, because it sounded just like Josh Sugarmann and Paul Helmke whining about the same thing.

Bill, I’ll tell why Democrats don’t support gun control: they want to get reelected. I know you think that us gun owners are a bunch of mouth breathing rednecks, but the facts are that gun control continues to be a losing political battle for your side. I would apologize, but that’s a sign of weakness.

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  1. Interesting how the apparently coordinated drumbeat for more gun control suddenly appeared, along with the *gasp* fact that people on the terror watch list can buy guns.

    It seems to me that the Brady bunch follow the a) press release whinging about a problem b) media outlets and editorials drop, c) legislation drops cycle.

    If pro-RKBA were crafty, maybe they could get inside that cycle somehow and interrupt it.

    Just sayin…

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