Hey, I know that guy

A while ago I did an interview for one of Indiana’s local papers, The Times of Northwest Indiana.  The interview was for an article on the enforcement of state and federal gun laws, and gun owner’s satisfaction with the job that BATFE is doing.  The paper that the article appeared in serves an area of Indiana known as The Region, which in terms of political leanings is essentially “Chicago-lite”; so going in to the discussion with the reporter I was more than a little concerned.

However, my fears were baseless, as the article presents a fair viewpoint of gun owners and of the rather thankless job that ATF has to do – and you can read the article in its entirety here.  One of the two quotes of mine that the reporter used was edited slightly, but the meaning was left intact, so that’s okay with me.  Here’s what was printed:

“In general, I would say that the federal government does as well as any large organization can in enforcing the over 1,000 gun laws on the books”

What I was driving at with that quote was that there are over 1k local, state, and federal gun laws on the books in this country, and I think that for the most ATF does as well as can be expected of a government agency in enforcing those laws.  Of course, just yesterday I was ranting about much I hate the post office (another federal agency) so you may take that in whichever direction you.

All in all though, it’s a fair and balanced article and worth the read.  It’s probably not anything you didn’t already know though, but I personally appreciate that it focuses on “prosecute the criminals” and not “go after law-abiding gun owners”.  It’s refreshing to see that from the media!


  1. Nice article. Saturdays when I’m not working, I fry some eggs, brush my teeth, and see what new stuff Westforths has on the rack. I’m tickled they’re doing well, and i hope they continue to do so. And I’m glad they got some good press coverage.

  2. Nice to see you quoted accurately enough. Every bit helps.

    But, there are a lot more than 1k gun laws nationally. Did you perhaps mean there are about 1k you are subject to?

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