Necessity and ingenuity

The Firearm Blog has a link up to a post about a Mosin-Nagant set up for deer and hogs out to about 75 yards.

I should probably ask Frank James about this, but I’ve always figured that the 7.62×54 round that the Mosin-Nagant pushes would be money on pigs at short ranges. Use a good softpoint bullet and I figure you could get terminal ballistics on par with a 30-06.


  1. And if you have the misfortune to miss the pig with the bullet, you can skewer him on the bayonet when he tries to kill you.

  2. I prefer the Mojo peep sight; it’s just as easy to use and doesn’t look ridiculous. I’ve taken deer with my m38 at 150 yards, and no reason why it couldn’t at much farther.

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