Girls Talk on Gun Nuts

My goodness, what a show we had last night on Gun Nuts Radio. Breda hosted, bringing all her flavors of awesome to the show, and last night we were joined by a couple of GREAT guests. Joining us last night we had the one and only Tam, who was kind enough to share her experiences from 15 years in the firearms industry with us. Also joining us for the show was Leah of Sherwin Shooting Sports, who has been shooting for five years, and has a great take on the shooting industry. Both of our guests have great backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge on shooting, firearms, and the unique challenges that come with being a woman in the shooting sports.

If you missed the show, click here for the download to listen to the lovely ladies of Gun Nuts talk about their experiences. If you’d like to grab an .mp3 of the show, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Next week’s show will be great – we’re going to be calling out AHSA. As listeners of the show know, we’ve been trying to get AHSA on the show for months now, and have been constantly getting the runaround from them – so next week we’re calling them out, and it’s going to get nice and snarky on the air. We haven’t had a good snark episode in a while, so make sure you tune in next week for the show!

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  1. Great show, Caleb.

    As a first time listener, I was impressed that you and Breda have great chemistry together.

    (The fact that you started the show in the car only added to my enjoyment, very funny).

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