Gun Nuts Girl Talk

That’s right guys, tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm, Breda will be hosting the show, live on the webcam feed as well! As usual, I cannot strongly enough recommend that you join us live for the show – if you’re not listening live and catching the cam-feed, you’re missing the experience, which includes the New and Updated Gun Nuts Drinking game, now with rules for when Breda hosts.

The topic of the show is going to be some of the unique issues that the ladies face in the shooting sports, from sexism to clothing, holster selection, you name it and it’s on the table. But here’s what we want from you – call ins. We want the ladies out there listening (and we know you’re out there) to join the show live by calling in at 347-539-5436. Bring your range stories, your jokes, your gripes, you name it and Breda and I will talk about it on the air. Listen live, and we’ll do what we can to get your 15 minutes of fame! That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time at – be there!

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