Dear Readers

Here is the question: should I spend 1400 beans on the following items.

1. A pre-lock SW 627 Performance Center .357, which also includes a Trijicon red dot, 20 moon clips, a de-mooning tool, a moonclip saver, a moonclip loading tool, and a Blade-Tech holster.

I have from a reputable source that the going rate for Pre-lock PC 627’s is about 1100 beans, and I’d estimate that the Trijicon and other gear is worth about 300, so the question is do I buy the thing?


  1. it is impossible to spend too much on a firearm. It is merely possible to purchase it too early.

  2. The question you should ask, is it the “right” firearm…

    627 is a great gun, HOWEVER, having some (mal-)experience with moon’d .357 I’d urge you to consider the following:

    1.) While reloading with ANY moon clip is faster than not, the .38 is a fairly long round. The shorter .45 is much easier to load in a match. If you’re shooting something like open-revo in IPSC, this may be an issue…

    2.) If the rim-job (snicker…) is done by an aftermarket ‘smith, even if a good one, like Clark Custom or TK Moonclips, then there’s a good chance that the gun will be a bit finicky with ammo – winny white box doesn’t fire easily in my moon’d gun… Federal primers are tough to find. Just keep that in mind if you ever ever ever think of putting it by the bedside… (I think the gun might be bigger than you, tho, so I don’t think that you’d CCW it…)

    3.) If you’re looking at a competition gun, what difference does the lock make?

    4.) Sounds like a nice gun for Bianchi cup!

  3. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Clearly you are not thinking well if you plan on buying this pistol. Please forward the $1400 to me immediately so that you do not make this terrible mistake. I will put the money toward a TTR and we will both be happy. I will be happy that I have a TTR and you’ll be happy that I have a TTR

  4. They did make a run from the Performance Center, but they’re harder to find. I had a line on one for 999.99, and I whiffed on it. I do have it on good authority that a .38 super with the proper moonclip will headspace and fire just fine in a .357 627, but accuracy might suffer a bit.

  5. They print more money all the time, but stopped making pre lock 627’s some time ago. I say get it. If you’re asking the question then you obviously want it at least a little bit.

  6. Well I know I love my Performance center 627, even with the lock. the rim job (snicker) is factory. No issues with ammo finickiness. Stick your finger through the middle of the moon clips to reload. Keeps the long rounds from flopping around so much in the 8 shot moon clip. It’s a sweet wheel gun.

  7. Although it can be said that no gun collection is complete, I would specify that no gun collection is complete without a 627. It sounds like you found the right one. Snatch that sucker up, buy a bunch of ammo and shoot it like you stole it!

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