Final Revolver Championship Results

  • Open Division and Overall Champ: Jerry Miculek (by a country mile)
  • Limited Champion: John Bagakis
  • High Open Lady: Julie Golob
  • High Limited Lady: Annette Aysen
  • High LE: Brad Holt
  • High IDPA: Craig Buckland
  • High Snubby*: Steve Thornton

*Snubby is a special awards category in ICORE for shooters running guns with barrels of 3 inches or less.  If I got a wild hair in my saddle and decided I wanted to try an ICORE match with a snubby, you can bet that the S&W Model 60 Pro Series would be my first choice.

Congratulations to all the winners – I’ll see you in Morro Bay next year, assuming all goes according to plan!

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